Syllabus of MA I Sem. English (Paper IV- Prose)- 2022-23

MA I Sem. English (Paper IV- Prose)

UNIT-II: (Biography and Autobiography)
i. J.L. Nehru: Autobiography (Fourth Chapter)
ii. Kamala Das: My Story ( Fourth Chapter)
UNIT- III (Political and Social Writings)
i. Plato: The Republic, Book II (First Four Chapters)
ii. Bacon: Of Truth, Of Studies, Of Revenge, Of Love
UNIT- IV (Philosophical Writing)
i. J. Krishnamurti: 1. Individual and Society 2. Action and Idea 3. What is Self 4. What are We Seeking?
ii. Lala Hardayal: Intellectual Culture
i. Bertrand Russell: True Success
ii. William Hazlitt: 1. The Ignorance of the Learned 2. The Indian Jugglers.



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