Syllabus of BA II Year: English Literature (Theory) - Major I (Session 2022-23 onwards)

 Class: BA II Year (Session 2022-23 onwards)
Program: Diploma Course
Subject: English Literature (Theory) - Major I
Course Title: Study of Prose (Paper 1, Theory)
Course Code: A2-ELIT1T
Course Type: Core Course
Credit Value: 4
Total Marks: 30+ 70=100; Minimum Pass Marks: 33
Written Exam: 70 Marks (Section A: Objective; Section B: Short Questions; Section C: Long Questions)
CCE: 10+10+10= 30 (There shall be 4 class tests of 10 marks each, out of which the three best scores are to be taken into account.)
1. Early Prose Writers
1.1 Prose and its forms
1.2 Michel de Montaigne: On Sorrow (Translated by Charles Cotton)
1.3 Francis Bacon: Of Studies, Of Truth
1.4 Oliver Goldsmith: The Man in Black
(Keywords/Tags: Elizabethan Age, Aphoristic Essay, Satire, Brevity, Idiomatic Language,Ornamental Prose.)
2. Eighteenth/ Nineteenth Century Prose
2.1 Joseph Addison: The Spectator's Account of Himself
2.2 William Hazlitt: On the Ignorance of the Learned
2.3 Charles Lamb: Dream Children
(Keywords/Tags: Periodical Essay, Dispersed Meditation, Humour and Pathos,Autobiographical Prose)
3. Prose in Modern Period
3.1 AG Gardiner: On the Rule of the Road
3.2 Robert Lynd: The Pleasure of Ignorance
3.3 Aldous Huxley: The Divine Within (Chapter 1-2)
(Keywords/Tags: Modern Essayist, Prose Style, Irony, Spirituality, Civic Sense, Philosophical Prose)
4. Political Writings
4.1 Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom
4.2 Rajmohan Gandhi: Why Gandhi Still Matters
(Keywords/Tags: Political Writing, Social Upheaval, Dandi March, Satyagraha, Unsentimental View)
Sandal S Anshu, Satna


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