Question Paper of M.A. English, Sem. II (Paper II- Drama)

 M.A. II Sem Examination
English Literature- Paper II (Drama)
Section - A (Objective Type Questions)
Q1. Choose the correct option: 5x2= 10
(i) All For Love is:
a. Restoration Drama
b. Victorian Drama
c. Modern Drama
d. Indian Drama
(ii) Nora is a character of :
a. Dryden
b. G.B. Shaw
c. Ibsen
d. Karnad
(iii) Paravasu is a character in:
a. Tara
b. The Fire and the Rain
c. Yayati
d. Evam Indrajit
(iv) Brecht belongs to:
a. India
b. England
c. America
d. Germany
(v) Justice is a play by:
a. Congreve
b. Galsworthy
c. Dattani
d. Nicoll
Section - B (Short Answer Type Questions)
Attempt any five questions. Each question carries 7 marks. 5x7= 35
Q2. Write a short note on Restoration Drama.
Q3. What do you mean by comedy of manners.
Q4. Write the major theme of Man and Superman.
Q5. Write the major theme of Justice.
Q6. Give a character sketch of Nora.
Q7. Give an introduction of Brecht.
Q8. What is the major theme of The Fire and the Rain.
Q9. Tara deals with discrimination. Discuss.
Q10. Give a character sketch of Tara.
Q11. Give a character sketch of Arvasu.
Section - C (Long Answer Type Questions)
Q12. Discuss The Way of the World as a comedy of manners.
Q13. Discuss Ibsen as a playwright.
Q14. Discuss Karnad as a playwright.
Q15. Discuss the main theme of Dattani's Tara.
Sandal S Anshu, Satna


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