The Axe: Objective Type Questions

1. The Axe has been written by:
a. R.N. Tagore
b. R.K. Narayan
c. Mulk Raj Anand
d. Raja Rao
Ans: b. R.K. Narayan
2. The Axe is:
a. An essay
b. A poem
c. A One act play
d. A story
Ans: d. A story
3. What is the name of Velan's village:
a. Rampur
b. Lalgudi
c. Koppal
d. Malgudi
Ans: c. Koppal
4. Who foretold that Velan would live in a big house:
a. Father
b. Villagers
c. Astrologer
d. Friend
Ans: c. Astrologer
5. At what age did velan leave home:
a. Sixteen
b. Seventeen
c. Eighteen
d. Twenty
Ans: c. Eighteen
6. In Velon's opinion, big mansion existed only in:
a. Heaven
b. Hell
c. Swarga Loka
d. Zannat
Ans: c. Swarga Loka
7. Which tree was most dear to Velan:
a. Banyan
b. Pipal
c. Margosa
d. Neem
Ans: c. Margosa
8. The Axe is written by:
a. R.K. Narayan
b. Amrit La Nagar
c. Prabhakar Rao
d. Rabindrnath Tagore
Ans: a. R.K. Narayan
9. Velan's father worked on other people's land:
a. True
b. Partly true
c. Partly false
d. False
Ans: a. True
10. Which is a famous work of R. K. Narayan:
a. Gora
b. Animal Farm
c. The Guide
d. Coolie
Ans: c. The Guide
11. After leaving the village where did Velan reach:
a. Rampur
b. Lalgudi
c. Koppal
d. Malgudi
Ans: d. Malgudi
III. Say whether the Statements given below are True or False:
1. Velan left home because of the villagers - False
2. Velan reached Malgudi after he left home - True
3. When old man became ill, Velan became the chief gardener - True
4. The house was called the ghost house - True
5. Velan eas happy to leave the garden - False
6. Velan's father worked on other people's land for he had mortgaged every bit of his property - True
7. Velan left his home at the age of eighteen - True
8. In Malgudi Velan was first employed by an old man to assist him in laying out a garden - True


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