The concept of rasa is a grand old concept of Indian poetry. Rasa has been accepted as the highest value of Sanskrit literature. It is the other name of aesthetic pleasure. Bharat Muni, the author of Natyashastra, is known as the first Acharya of the rasa theory. Abhinavgupta, a renowned philosopher, has explained the rasa theory propounded by Bharat Muni.Bharat Muni enunciated the eight rasas. According to his Natyashastra, each rasa has a presiding deity and a specific colour. He established the following:
1. Shringaram (Love, Attractiveness): Presiding Deity - Vishnu; Colour- Light Green.
2. Hasayam (Laughter, Mirth, Comedy): Presiding Deity - Pramata; Colour- White.
3. Raudram (Fury): Presiding Deity - Rudra; Colour- Red.
4. Karunyam (Compassion, Mercy): Presiding Deity - Yama ; Colour- Grey.
5. Bibhatsam (Disgust, Aversion): Presiding Deity - Shiva ; Colour- Blue.
6. Bhayanakam (Horror, Terror) - Presiding Deity - Kala ; Colour- Black.
7. Viram (Heroic mood) - Presiding Deity - Indra ; Colour- Yellowish.
8. Adbhutam (Wonder, Amazement) - Presiding Deity - Brahma ; Colour- Yellow.
Sandal S Anshu, Satna


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