Questions for CCE Dec. 2022: MA English Sem III, Paper II (English Language); Govt. P.G. College Satna

MA III Sem English
Paper II (English Language): Questions for CCE Dec. 2022

Note: Attempt any three of the following Questions:

1. Write a detailed note on language covering its definition, its function, its characteristics and development of English language.
2. Write a short note on any three:
i. Diachronic approach
ii. Synchronic approach
iii. Phonemes
iv. Register
v. Difference between phonetics and phonology.
3. Write about cardinal vowels/ English vowels (Pure Vowels & Diphthongs) and Consonants.
4. What do you mean by TGG in context of linguistics? Write in detail.
5. Write with diagrams (where necessary) about the organs involved in articulation of speech sounds.


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