Tintern Abbey by Wordsworth: A Short Note


Tintern Abbey is a beautiful poem by Wordsworth. It is his representative poem. It deals with poet’s attitude towards Nature. It shows Wordsworth’s spiritual development. This poem occupies the last place in the Lyrical Ballads.
    In this poem the poet talks about his second journey to the Wye Valley. It was July 1798. His sister named Dorothy was with the poet. It was a wonderful place. It was very delightful and charming. The poet was so impressed by the beauty of that place that he composed this memorable poem.
    Tintern Abbey has been divided into three parts. The first part of the poem deals with the charming beauty of the Wye Valley. Mountains, river, gardens, hedge rows and rising smoke have been taken to present. These natural elements find praiseworthy description in this poem.
    The second part of this piece of art describes the various stages of poet’s approach to Nature. The third part is addressed to poet’s sister named Dorothy. Here the poet says to her that nature would console her in miseries. According to the poet Nature never betrays its worshiper.
    Tintern Abbey shows Wordsworth’s ardent love for Nature. Here he appears as the worshiper of Nature. It seems that Nature is God for the poet.
Sandal S Anshu, Satna


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